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28 Sep

Bullet en mode voyage
Sravanabelagola view
Paddy field labourer
Coffee plantation, Coorg

We took advantage of one of the many hindu festivals (this time Ganesha Charturti) to take five days off to explore a bit deeper Karnataka. That was the good time to get back to motorcycling trips and inaugurate for real our Royal Enfield. The Bullet was perfect on the bulky or perfect small roads we went through between superb paddy fields, coconut trees or coffee plantations.

Leaving Bangalore with our friend Arthur, each of us with our Bullet, we first aimed to Sravanabelagola (it took us quite a few days just to know how to say it), one of the main Jain holy place. Jainism, of the oldest religion in the world has as a a main principle non-violence, going as far as wearing a mask for some of the hardcore followers to avoid eating insects, or also staying nude for special monks…
Sravanabelagola area is particularly nice because two hills topped with a temple are facing each other, with of them hosting a huge monolite statue covered by butter (ghee), coconuts, colors pigments and all every four years by pilgrims! We also followed some of the Jain ascetic principles, not really choosing it as this day was a national strike, we couldn’t find a restaurant or an hotel… we slept at the pilgrims guest houses (savings guaranteed) and ate some “chaats” (simple indian snacks) in the street.

Then we toured Hoysalas temples in Belur and Halebid, two middle-age splendors carved from the floor to the top before heading down to Coorg, a hill area famous for its coffee plantations. To finish, we stopped by the not so famous Srirangapatna, in the suburb of Mysore, an island on the Cauvery river dotted with nice heritage sites from Tippu Sultan era (the only maharaja who fought English).

So, we’re still very suprised by the richness of this country where it seems we’ll always find something new to discover, that’s a good for our next week-ends!

Below some pics from this trip and soon, we should have also a video.

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