Bamboo bed

- Ok, I’m fed up to sleep on a matress on the floor, let’s buy a real bead!
- Ok, but did you see the furnitures shops? The design isnot that nice and it’s pretty expensive. We have to find out something else.
- Do you think they can make a bed at the bamboo barzar?
- A bamboo bed? I’m not sure, they seem to make almost only ladders and scaffolds with bamboos.
- Come on, let’s try, we’ll show them this picture! (after looking for a model pattern):

Bamboo bed exemple

At the bamboo bazar, two days later with the picture:
- Hi, we would like to make a bamboo bed, is that possible? Do you know how to make it?
Sceptical look from the shop tenders.
- Come on, show them the picture.
- Mmmh, please go to the next shop.

- Hi, can you make bamboo beds?
He’s looking at the picture very carefully…
- Ok ok, we can do it.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, well, it won’t be that perfect, the bed will have a kind of “jungle look”.
- Ok, let’s go for it… How long it will take?
- About two weeks…
- Ok, that’s perfect but the bed won’t go through the door!
- No worries, we’ll make the bottom at our shop and we’ll finish it at your place.

10 days later, they arrived with the bed in spare parts and finished the work in our room. It seems a bit weird to us when they began to use a blowtorch but after a “is that all right Madam, do you want some more black point ?” we understood it was only for the design…
The thing which is funny is that we could have shown them any picture…. but they have made almost exactly the same bed as the one on our example!
The mosquito net is now being made by another man-specialized-in-fabric so that the masterpiece will be completed !

lit bambou


  • touk


    y’a pas d’Ikea à Bangalore ? ;-)

  • annie Barbier


    Dommage… la fête des mères est passée.. mais je passe commande pour l’année prochaine.
    je veux le même !!
    Merci de demander au Bambou Bazar quelles sont les conditions de livraison..

  • Roadpapattes


    C’est trop beau!!! Ca serait pas ça par hasard le projet secret de Johanne : monter une entreprise de meubles en Inde^^
    Nous on avait pris des photos des terrasses à Bali en espérant un jour pouvoir avoir la même en France, qui sait…
    Bonne continuation
    Emilie et Damien

  • Steph Q/P


    Very good very good

  • moute


    I LOVE!!!! Vous pouvez nous faire le même pour les invités??? Allezzzzzzzzz

    • JoNi


      Pour les invités, faut qu’on trouve autre chose ! et puis pour vous, un matelas sur le sol c’est aussi exotique non ? :)

  • MB


    Les finitions sont effectivement de toute bôoooté!

  • David


    Wow !

  • Ol.


    Ha le fameux lit.
    Alors? Ça a donné quoi au retour?

    • JoNi


      Les termites ont disparu ! ouf ! (oui parce qu’on avait découvert que des termites mangeaient notre bambou, un bon paquet de bombes anti-insectes plus tard, on peut le réintégrer)

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